The Freedom Conservative Party has 3 main objectives: 
  • To form a new provincial political party dedicated to a freer, autonomous Alberta within a united Canada
  • To build a coalition of conservatives, libertarians, and Alberta patriots, driven by its grassroots members, supporting a strong autonomist agenda for Alberta's place within a united Canada.
  • To responsibly contest the coming election in a manner that will elect candidates for the new party without splitting the non-socialist vote in the constituencies where the NDP are not competitive.
Return The Alberta Advantage

    • Reduce the income tax rate to a flat 10%​

    • Reduce the large business tax rate to 10%

    • Abolish the small business tax

    • Completely eliminate the Carbon Tax


    • Abolish all corporate welfare subsidies

    • Significantly cut wasteful spending without eliminating front line positions

    • Balance the province's operating budget within 1 year

    • Balance the province's consolidated budget within 4 years

    • Accomplish this by following the financial plan outlined in our alternative budget 2019/2020 (


    • End Redford-era accounting and restore transparent accounting principles to the budget process

    • Restore and enforce the Government Accountabilities Act

    • Restore and enforce the Fiscal Responsibilities Act

    • Create an independent Legislative Budget Officer to provide impartial budget and economic projections 

    • Require the public disclosure of the government's infrastructure priority list


    • Withdraw from Federal Supply Management​ and allow Alberta dairy farmers to produce enough for Alberta's needs

    • Privatize government owned businesses and crown corporations that compete with the private sector

    • Privatize the province's liquor and cannabis distribution system, including online sales

    • Eliminate all trade, tariff, and non-tariff provincial trade barriers

Unleash Alberta Energy

    • Repeal the general Carbon Tax supported by the NDP, and the industry Carbon Tax supported by the UCP

    • Cancel oil production curtailment and supply management policies

    • Join court action against the federal Carbon Tax


    • Use every tool at our disposal to ensure pipelines are built, including cutting off energy exports to BC if required

    • Abolish all caps on production and upgrading

    • Reform the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) to fix the application review and approval timeline delays

    • Demand Ottawa sell the Transmountain pipeline back to the private sector

    • Demand the repeal of Ottawa's Bill C-69 and BC Tanker Ban


    • Cancel the early closure of coal plants and allow them to remain open if they can meet reasonable environmental standards

    • Restore a market based pricing regime to the electric industry that secures uninterrupted supply and smooths demand cycles

    • End all government subsidies for future renewable energy projects that are not competitive with other sources of energy, and work to wind down current contracts where possible

More Alberta, Less Ottawa

Equality or Independence

  • Demand that Ottawa end equalization and other major wealth transfers out of Alberta

  • Demand that Ottawa give Alberta  the same rights as other provinces over immigration, tax collection, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, and Justice

  • If Ottawa rejects Alberta's rightful demands for equality, Alberta will hold a referendum on independence

End Equalization

  • Demand that Ottawa end equalization and other wealth transfers out of Alberta

  • Replace federal transfers with tax-points, keeping billions of dollars at home and allowing for Alberta to exercise its own control over health and social policy

Collect Our Own Taxes

  • Withdraw from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to collect our own taxes

  • In the event that the federal government allows Quebec to collect federal taxes, demand the same rights for Alberta

Restore Democracy and Accountability
  • Free votes for MLA's and abolish party whips

  • Give voters the right to recall their MLA's

  • Allow citizens to initiate referendums and vetoes over legislation

  • Give Albertans the right to elect their own senators

  • Cut MLA pay by 5%

  • Ban partisan or political content in government advertising

  • Ban political lobbying and advocacy by any tax-payer funded entity

  • Radically open up the freedom of information process

Strong Communities
  • Respect local autonomy by returning control to local municipalities from growth management boards

  • Restore the right of appeal in the Municipal Government Act

  • Cancel the NDP's plan to allow municipalities to run budget deficits

  • Respect and enforce the separate jurisdictions of provincial and municipal government

  • Replace Federal infrastructure transfers with a tax-point transfer to Alberta, allowing Alberta to provide infrastructure services locally that are more efficient and higher quality than those currently managed by Ottawa

Immigration Reform
  • Alberta will take control over its own immigration within its jurisdiction, as is presently done in Quebec

  • Establish a new Ministry of Immigration for Alberta

  • Reduce immigration rates during periods of high unemployment, and increase rates when unemployment is low

  • Transition tax payer sponsorship of immigration to private and not-for-profit groups

  • Promote Alberta as a destination for skilled economic migrants

  • Improve Alberta's recognition of qualifications of economic migrants to speed up integration

  • Require immigrants moving to Alberta to integrate as part of the citizenship process

Quality Healthcare


  • Allow private options for healthcare service provision to reduce cost and shorten wait times

  • Reduce the number of Alberta Health Services managers by one third

  • Contract out non-core elements of the healthcare system, such as laundry services to reduce costs

  • Expand the use of parallel, private health systems and insurance to reduce wait times

  • Allow dentists to advertise and publish costs and reviews

  • Treat drug addicts as healthcare patients, not criminals


  • Demand the end of federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction over healthcare

  • Replace Federal health transfers with a tax point transfer to Alberta allowing Alberta to provide health services locally that are more efficient and higher quality than those currently managed by Ottawa

World Class Education

Grades K-12:

  • Equally fund all students at certified public, private, and separate schools in Alberta and guarantee funding for homeschooling

  • Pass a Parent's Bill of Rights to guarantee choice and control over education

  • Cancel the NDP's new curriculum and replace it with measured learning targets allowing school boards to set their own curriculum.

  • Respect the right of private educational institutions to practice their own religious or cultural beliefs without discrimination

Colleges and Universities:

  • Revoke funding for institutions that do not protect freedoms of speech, association and assembly

  • Make student union membership voluntary

  • Allow post-secondary institutions to partner with K-12 schools to specialize in vocational training

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